RGC Hoisting

RGC offers platform and swing hoists, in addition to buckets and accessories, to meet all your lifting needs for residential and commercial job sites. Manufactured in the United States our Platforms and Swing Hoists provide the most durable, rugged equipment for your hardworking crews. From shingles and asphalt to solar panels and gravel, whatever your hoisting needs, with RGC, You Got This.

Manufactured in the United States, selecting RGC Hoisting means you get the most durable, rugged equipment that will work as hard as your crew.

Traditional roofers will appreciate durable, job-tested platform hoists capable of lifting up to 400 pounds safely and securely. For environmentally sensitive projects, we have manually operated HandiHoist lifts and solar panel carriers to help your clients go green without breaking a single pane of glass.

Working on bigger projects with heavier material? Consider our hydraulic-powered swing hoists with gravel buckets, designed for easy lifting and lowering for stress-free maneuvering of loads up to 2,000 pounds.

We offer a full line of accessories, adaptations and add-ons to meet the demands of every job. RGC Hoisting has all the equipment you need to rise above the competition and win the contract.

Whatever your hoisting and lifting needs, with RGC, You Got This.

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