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70 Years of Quality Marine, Construction & Roofing Hoists.
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rgc hoists
rgc hoists

  RGC is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic tools and power units used in the construction industry. Innovative hydraulic tools such as the C150™ and MiniSaw concrete chain saws - with diamond segmented chains - are powered by RGC's own

compact and portable HydraPak power units. RGC circular saws and chain saws are unmatched in versatility and ease of operation for cutting through concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, aggregates, stone, block and pipe. A complete line of saws, breakers, drills, impact wrenches and grounds keeper equipment makes RGC's the tools of choice.

Reduced noise and exhaust make hydraulic tools the ideal product for interior structure remodeling within occupied schools, offices, medical or industrial buildings. Wood saws, pruners and various post pullers are aimed at outside grounds maintenance and utility firm applications.

Concrete cutting chains and blades are also available to
fit ICS, Stanley, Partner and other manufacturers' saws.

rgc hoists
rgc hoists

~ RGC is the North American

Master Distributor for

Hycon Hydraulic Tools ~

rgc hoists
rgc hoists
Hycon HydraulicTools include:

Power Packs
Ring Saw
Post Driver

Rock Drill
Hand Core Drills
Earth Drill
Flow Divider


70 Years of Reimann & Georger Quality...
Since1946 RGC has manufactured quality construction products and equipment. Beginning with platform and swing hoists, RGC continues to introduce revolutionary products which now include a full line of roofing hoists, hydraulic tools and boat lifts and docks.

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